Welcome to the LINP2


The members of the LINP2 Lab come from Sport sciences, Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Medicine. Teacher-researchers and researchers participate in disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes allowing the organization of the unit into inter-themes and are based on theoretical and conceptual approaches from several scientific fields, necessary for the construction of research objects. The mono and multidisciplinary work offered by the LINP2 is in terms of understanding and improving physical, sports and cognitive performance, learning and rehabilitation / remediation in patients with neurodegenerative pathologies (MS, ASL). LINP2 contributes to the fundamental advancement of scientific knowledge by crossing the fields of neuroscience, physiology and cognitive psychology, thus guaranteeing an integrative, multidisciplinary and diversified scientific production. In practice, the unit declines its research work in the fields of education, sport and health.

The research unit is structured in three transversal axes:

Physical Activity, Performance and Health

Positive psychology


Mis à jour le 16 juillet 2020